“Clinton leading Trump in Colorado, new poll shows,” – Denver Business Journal, March 2, 2016





..In Colorado, conservatives dismissing the work of pollster Chris Keating on the grounds that he’s worked for Hickenlooper and Udall, overlooked a series of polls that were spot-on. A day before the election, Keating had Obama leading Romney 50-46; it was a four-point win for Obama, 52-48, in the end.”

–Eli Stokols, Fox31 News, Denver, November 7, 2012; Election 2012: FOX 31’s Winners and Losers


Study debunks myths about the ‘undecided’ voter

Ernest Luning, THE COLORADO STATESMAN, 10/12/2012

“A Keating Research/Onsight Poll Shows Obama with a 5-point lead…”

–Jennifer Granholm, The War Room, Current TV